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To make this delicious vegan, keto friendly yogurt I used a full cream coconut cream can. With one can you make up 3 little jars.


1 coconut cream can

1 Tbsp tapioca or corn starch

2 capsules vegan probiotics OR 1 Tbsp of yogurt


Start opening the can and pour the coconut cream into a saucepan on low heat stirring constantly until it is dissolved. (Now you can add, if you want, fruit and sweeteners/sugar/syrup).

Almost all shop coconut yogurts use starch as stabilizer. Sprinkle the starch and make sure to not form any lumps. Stir for few minutes until it’s thick enough to coat your spoon.

Let it cool down at room temperature (if you use your finger to test, it shouldn’t burn you).

Now it’s time to add the probiotics. Don’t use any metal spoon, only wooden or plastic. If you have a spare jar or yogurt you previously made, you can use 1 full Tbsp of yogurt.

Stir well and gently.

Now it’s when the magic happens! You need to incubate at 40C for at least 24 hrs (or use a yoghurt-maker). If you leave it longer, it will develop a tangy taste.

Remove from the yogurt-maker and pour into the jars. Leave it in the fridge for 5 hrs to become creamy and rich. If you use a sterilized jar with lead, your yogurt should last 5-7 days in the fridge!


My second attempt was a fruit coconut yogurt. I have used frozen cherries. I blended some fruits leaving few chunks Then I added the fruit to the saucepan and followed the instruction above.

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