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The Blogs

Vegan Mont blanc – NaturAllyFed special Xmas Event

This special episode was live-streamed for NaturAllyFed "12 Days of Christmas" Event.We made a vegan version of Mont blanc.Mont blanc is a dessert of sweetened chestnut purée in the form of vermicelli, with whipped cream.In this video you will also learn how to make vegan meringues.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=625WR9blvXE

My entry at vegan bake off 2020

I really enjoyed baking this cake for Animal Aid competition. My cake didn't win but arrived in the first top 10. I'm really happy.This is my version of a giant jaffa cake flavoured with orange flowers and topped with chocolate ganache.Absolutely delicious!After the competition I had time to ...

Vegan chorizo pasta

In this episode me and Kyle went undercover in a restaurant and we didn't like the food, so we decided to step in to cook an amazing VEGAN CHORIZO CARBONARA PASTA. Will we save the day?Watch now!https://youtu.be/m7L8j_ILVZw

We were on Y byd ar bedwar 2020 January 14th

In December 2019 Vegan Actions Wales and Swansea Anonymous for the Voiceless were invited to take part of an episode of Y byd ar bedwar. You can find the it on S4C channel, streamed on 14th January 2020.Me and my brother attended the Cube of Truth (shown ...

Hi, I’m Kieran the Chef

Hi, I’m Kieran, I’m 10 years old and very passionate about cooking.When I was younger I always helped my mam and I enjoyed learning delicious recipes.Cooking and eating healthy is a way of life. For many people changing their habits and finding time to cook and eat vegan can be ...

First Swansea Animal Rights March 2019

The 1st June 2019 I walked with my brother and other antispecists along the streets of Swansea (Wales, UK), for the First Swansea Animal Rights March organised by Vegan Actions Wales.Kieran the ChefYou can watch my interview for Wales Online and the poem me and Kyle read at the ...
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